Shousetsu Bang*Bang Issue 15

cover illustration by vonbrigthi

   by Critical Strike
"Songs You Know by Heart"
   by Dr. Noh
"Never Gave a Damn About the Weather"
   by Hinotori (火鳥)
   by Kagamino Kage (鏡乃 影)
   illustrated by susieoh
"There's No Place Like Home"
   by Newtypeshadow
"Different Drums"
   by Kubaru Suki (少年好き配る)
"For Whom Do You Sing"
   by Reiko
"Sympathy for the Devil"
   by Sakana Sara (魚 サラ)
"World's End Concerto
(Eternity Variation in D Major)"

   by Shinju Yuri (真珠百合)
"Spring Fling"
   by Shinko Hisada (身固之妥)
   illustrated by Ravyn
   by Nijiiro Sumi (虹色 墨)
   illustrated by olukemi

"Music Capital of the World"
   by Tougyo (闘魚)
   by Koiwa Shishiko (小岩 獅神)
"Over the Wall"
   by N. Kaouthia
"Three Strikes"
   by Mai Takou (マイー・タコー)
   illustrated by fightfair
"A Voice in the Wilderness"
   by shukyou (主教)
"All This and More"
   by shuua (シューア)
   illustrated by c. lijewski
   by Kagami Shin
   illustrated by fightfair
"Hey Jude"
   by torino koji
"They Can't Take That Away from Me"
   by Yamanashi Moe (山梨もえ)
   illustrated by crowfish
"Magic Comes to Alphabet City
(And to Certain Parts of Greenpoint)"

   by Domashita Romero (地下ロメロ)
   illustrated by iianbe

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