Shousetsu Bang*Bang Issue 12

cover illustration by Midori Yuki

"In The House Of The Demon Prince"
   by Yamanashi Moe (山梨もえ)
"Fuck Or Fry"
   by Purrsia
"The Peddler On The Mountain"
   by Mushi Megane (虫メガネ)
"How Not To Exorcise A Demon"
   by yabamena
   illustrated by olukemi
"Sea Story"
   by Ryuukotsu Kouji (竜骨公事)
   illustrated by Grace
"The Tale Of The Crimson Cloak"
   by Critical Strike
   illustrated by Critical Strike
"Ored's Song"
   by Zack (ザックス)
   illustrated by amei
"The Fortune-Telling Doll"
   by Sakana Sara (魚 サラ)
   illustrated by Sakana Sara (魚 サラ)
"Grim Haunting"
   by Sora Junko (空 純子)
   illustrated by marourin
"Canaan Falls"
   by Tsukizubon Saruko
   illustrated by wredwrat

"Mike Dies At The End"
   by shukyou (主教)
   illustrated by sairobi
   by Hashinaka Choko
"Lost and Found"
   by Newtypeshadow
   illustrated by festivewind
"Ingmar Bergman Is Dead"
   by Nijiiro Sumi (虹色 墨)
   and Tougyo (闘魚)
"You Drive Me Crazy"
   by Shinju Yuri (真珠百合)
   illustrated by calintz
"Falling Action"
   by Wo Xi Huan (我喜歡)
"Black Umbrella In The Rain"
   by Rei (レイ)
   illustrated by ah_chan
"The Festival Of Hungry Ghosts"
   by Marou
   by Eric Shun (エリック旬)
   by Usagi Anami (兎あなみ)
   by Torino Koji

"The Bet"
   by hColleen
"Never Say Die"
   by Ora
"The Ultimate Sacrifice"
   by Shinko Hisada (身固之妥)
"The Last Night Of October"
   by N. Kaouthia

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