Shousetsu Bang*Bang Issue 8

cover illustration by fightfair

"The Holly King and the Oak King"
   by Kagamino Kage (鏡乃 影)
   illustrated by nanashi
"And All Through the House"
   by Jump Ai (じゃんぷEYE)
"Officer, or Gentleman?"
   by Shinko Hisada (身固之妥)
   illustrated by ravyn
"La Belle Eliza"
   by Koizumi Shinme (恋墨新芽)
"Loving You More"
   by Shinju Yuri (真珠百合)
   illustrated by calintz
"My Cousin My Hero"
   by Satoimo Taro (里芋たろ)
   illustrated by tongari
"The Light In Your Eyes"
   by Zack (ザックス)
"The 12 Steps of Christmas"
   by Kubaru Suki (少年好き配る)
"Amantes Sunt Amentes"
   by kumoinezu (雲井鼠)
   illustrated by kann_opener
"The Night Before
the Night Before Christmas"

   by Natsuno Owari (夏野オワリ)

   by shukyou (主教)
   illustrated by amei
"First Snow"
   by Jian Jie (鉴戒)
"A Night in Blue"
   by Tamari Erin (玉里えりん)
   illustrated by 草庫
"A Cold Winter Night"
   by Ms. C. Mouse
   by Eric Shun (エリック旬)
   illustrated by pearljamz
"Those with White Hands"
   by Noberu Izari (叙いざり)
   by Seiwa Kaiyura (性和 界由来)
"Angora Socks"
   by Wo Xi Huan (我喜歡)
"In Dreams"
   by Satoru (サトル)
"The New York Times:
December 24, 2183"

   by Murakami Kasumi (村上かすみ)

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